Thursday, May 8, 2014


Deniz Nala tells the story of Kiki De Venus with a short animation...

Kiki De Venus lives with her mom on the planet of Venus. She often takes a space shuttle to visit her dad on Mars. Each time she passes Earth on these journeys, Kiki is mesmerized by the life of the Earthians. One day she slips away from the space shuttle and parachutes down to Earth. Kiki meets a space dog Snooty Pooch, who introduces her to a very special thing the Earthians are known for – music. Music brings them to Cutie Boop, a girl who loves to dream with shooting stars.

Kiki De Venus from Kiki de Venus on Vimeo.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Where does Kiki come from?

Dear Friends, 

We feel very privileged to announce the publication of our first children's book “Kiki De Venus”!

I have written the story of Kiki from the amusing characters imagined and drawn by Deniz Nala Kartoglu when she was still a little girl.

This book is an outcome of the night-time story telling, which has turned out to be the most amazing bonding experience for both of us.

Years back it would have been difficult for me to imagine that my self-made princesses stories would feed the drawing fantasy – the most precious gift inherited by Deniz from her daddy, Umit Kartoglu

Although Kiki has been through many exciting adventures over the past years, it is only lately however that we decided to share some of those adventures with you and others.

We both believe that no matter where Kiki is her destination is “bonding” in every single sense of it, which also includes the best bonding time that you might have with your child reading the story.

Deniz told me that as a child when she would dose off long before the story was over, her princesses adventures would take their own most unpredictable turn and this is how we now have Kiki, Cutie Boop, Snooty Pooch and many other characters. We subdivided the story in such a way that if your child falls asleep at any time, the magic of imagination would do its wonders. Who knows how many more amazing adventures Kiki could take on!

We invite you to taste the pleasure of the true bonding by taking off on Kiki’s adventures!

The book is now available in an electronic version from all major on-line book stores, printed copies are on the way!

We should be delighted to see you visiting our website, where you could go through our gallery, play a memory game, twitter and blog us, as well as connect to us on Facebook.

We also offer you a glimpse into the illustration process – a minute-and-a-half video of Deniz illustrating one of the episodes. The legendary Javier Mas has generously offered his amazing guitar for this video. For those of you who might not have heard of Javier, Javier Mas has been playing with and for Leonard Cohen since many years as well as offered his master guitar to many other singers.

With affection,
Nellie and Deniz Nala Kartoglu

Kiki De Venus website launched

With the arrival of the sample copy of the Kiki de Venus book, Nellie and Deniz Nala launched the KIKI DE VENUS official website...

The site includes the story of the book, about the authors, contact details, upcoming events, image and video gallery as well as a memory game "Kiki Pairs".